Meridian Health Analysis Expert with combination of technology and tradition

Meridian Health Analysis Expert, a high-tech innovation project, is involved in medicine, bio-informatics, electronic engineering and etc. Theoretically based on traditional Chinese meridian theory, it applies advanced electronic equipment to acquire the biological electric current of human’s acu-points.

Chinese Meridian Health Analysis Expert is a personal guideline of comprehensive health care consultant and frontier health science. It is comprehensive, non-invasive, practical, simple, fast and economic, easy to be popularized as well. Along with the deepening and development of the research, it will make greater contributions to human beings’ health and enjoys broad space for development and application.

Functions of this machine

  • Professional

Through research during decades of years, a number of experts and hundreds of millions cases of medical records have been involved in manufacturing this instrument.

  • Assistant

This instrument offers different patients who are taking conventional western medical therapy with individual and assistant judgement.

  • Speedy

Referring to traditional Chinese meridian theory, combining with modern computer technique and medical science and technology, just within ten minutes for the health detection.

  • Accuracy

With scientific methods and strict health statistics processes, the accuracy is illustrated above 90% based on a large number of clinical verifications.

  • Prediction

Before obvious symptoms of disease appears, this machine can detect any change in bioelectricity in meridian. That is conducive to early prevention of disease.

  • Safety

Operated by qualified traditional Chinese medical practitioner, people are checked in non-invasive way without harmlessness.

Would you like to know:

  • How everything is going on with your real health condition?
  • Why your problems so sticky that hard to find out what exactly wrong?
  • What disease you might fall in in the future and start prevention right now?