Herbal medicine is one of the effective and safe treatment systems of the world, with an unbroken tradition going back to the 3rd century BC. Moreover, herbal medicine has continually developed in response to meet the modern clinical situation , and has been sustained world widely by research into every aspect of its use. This process continues today combine with the development of modern medical diagnostic techniques and knowledge. There are more than five thousands herbal medicine which can be applied into clinical usage and approximately 400 of them are most popular engaged clinically. Herb and spice selection for men used in natural alternative herbal medicine. Traditional chinese medical theory indicates that meridian channels of the human being are the tunnels to maintain, transfer and adjust  the energy and qi flow (immunity system balance) , in which all the internal organs health status can be detected and collected by sorts of special points (acupunture points). In the other words, all potential illness can be detected and measured according to the information collected from  your special acu-points. Alternative practitioner explaining acupuncture to woman pinching needles in model with meridians painted on Referring to health professionals and databases, more than 85% of disease and sub-health condition are related to imbalance of body’s immune system. Thus, strengthening the immune system offers the best way to defend against disease and promote health to healthy state. In order to prevent and treat sub-health,  proper diet, regular sleep and exercises are not enough for health. One should realize  the potential abnormal meridian circulation and herbal medicine is one of the best treatments. The body is unhealthy but does fulfil all the criteria of disease when in sub-health state.  It illustrates that there has already  existed an imbalance of yin and yang, qi and blood, as well as the internal organs. Comparing with healthy people, those who are in sub-health state would be more likely to develop mental or physiological disease. Therefore, eliminating and preventing sub-health state has become one of the most important tasks in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). To summarize, meridian check and Chinese herbal medicine are able to strengthen body immunity and enhance internal harmony. Meanwhile, it can effectively and safely relieve aching, insomnia, depression and other symptoms and closely related to sub-health state.

Categories of Sub-health state in TCM:

  • Stagnation of liver qi
  • Phlegm and dampness generate internally
  • Deficiencies in the heart and spleen
  • Deficiencies in the lung’s defensive qi
  • Deficiencies in the liver and kidney
  • Deficiencies in the spleen and kidney