Suboptimal health (sub-health), defined by the WHO (World Health Organization), is a state between health(the first state) and disease(the second state), sometimes called a “gray state ” or “third state”. Things seem normal but the person experiences all kinds of discomfiture and even pain. If there are signs of problems in your body, or some inadequacy with your emotion, social ability, flexibility and attitude towards life, you are not healthy. Health is measured by a holistic condition.

WHO has pointed out that there are:

  • 5% of the people are healthy in accordance with the healthy standard of WHO
  • 20% have various diseases
  • 75% are in the sub-healthy condition

Sub Health hazards:

  1. Increasing physical and mental fatigue, causing chronic syndrome.
  2. Aggravating vicious circle which leads to physical and mental disease.
  3. Leading to most chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, fatty liver, high cholesterol, women-diseases, diabetes, cataract and etc.
  4. Decreasing the length of life, causing early senility and even death at early age.